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Ugandan Bed Net Distributions

With the help of Fr. Mujule, our dedicated Ugandan volunteers organize distributions in rural areas.  They correspond with community leaders, teachers, and administrators.  At each site, they take pictures of those who receive nets.  They give presentations to students, parents, and communities regarding the importance and proper use of malaria bednets.   Our Ugandan volunteers ensure the success of NETwork by working on the grass roots level.

Communities Served Include:
St. Margaret Mary's Secondary School, Muhorro Village, Kyabaranzi Primary School, Kisuura Primary School, St. Kizito Bwikara Primary School, Bwikara High School, Families who gathered at Bwikara Trading Center, the families of catechists of Mpeefu,  Mpeefu-Seed High School, Katikengeye Primary School, and St. Maria Primary School, Families that gathered at at Maberenga  Church, Women who gathered at St. Charles Lwarga Rural Social Center in Maberenga, Kisuura Primary School, Maberenga Primary School, Nyamahasa Primary School, Opok Primary School, Isunga Primary School, Karuma Primary School, Gwara Primary School, Families that gathered at Rural Outreach, NGO, offices in Maberenga, Stella Matutina Girls' Secondary School, Katulikirie Primary School, Bweyale Primary School, Siriba Primary School, Nanda Primary School, Yabwengi Primary School, Diima Primary School, etc.

NETwork Against Malaria has distributed 17,736 life-saving malaria bed nets to impoverished children, pregnant women, and families in rural Uganda.

But Don't Stop!

Help Further NETwork's impact as we continue providing life-saving bednets for children, pregnant women, and families in Uganda.  We need your support.
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