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April 2014


In April of 2014, NETwork distributed 3775 nets to 6 schools. 



Karungu II

Karungu II, a school just off of the Nile River, with a very high malaria burden. The school has grown with attendance so much that there is not enough space in the buildings. One class is held under a tree. Another class takes place under a large, thatched roof supported by trees


Kothongola is a school with incredibly poor attendance. Of the 1000 registered students, about 400 were in school. Kothongola is an area where the children are kept home to help on the land. Hopefully, bringing nets to Kothongola will lead to increased attendance

Mutunda is a really good school. It has produced many of the area’s politicians. The culture of the school values attendance and education. It also pushes the teachers to teach well and advocate for their students. An investment in Mutunda is an investment in the future leaders of the Katulikire area.



Kakokwo is a typical Katulikire school with a separation between those students who attend vs. those who do not attend. Those who attend can help us get those who do not attend to school.


The leadership at Okwece threw a celebration they were so elated by our coming and distribution!





World Light Nursery 

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