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As A Business Owner

NETwork Against Malaria needs help in protecting the children of Uganda from Malaria.  You can make a difference!

NETwork Against Malaria needs administrative volunteers. NETwork is entirely run by volunteers.  Whatever your gift is, NETwork can use your help.  Do you like graphic design, writing, public speaking?  If so, NETwork needs your help.  Volunteer in administrative work or contact us about an Internship.

NETwork needs fundraising volunteers.  Whether you collect donations, sell t-shirts, organize a bake sale, or sell jewelry in your community, NETwork would love your help fundraising.  The only limitation is your imagination.  

​NETwork needs collection volunteers.  NETwork jewelry is made using Ugandan hand made beads.  It is accented using donated filler beads.  These are often purchased with grant money or are donated used or broken jewelry pieces.  Besides used  jewelry and beads, NETwork needs office supplies to keep our administrative costs as low as possible thus maximizing the money going to bed nets.

NETwork needs beaders.  Our jewelry is handmade by US volunteers using beads handmade by Ugandan women.  You can help!  Request your jewelry kit today.  You can either sell your finished pieces or send them back to NETwork Against Malaria for us to sell.  

Contact regarding the above opportunities.

Get Involved: As An Individual

What Can My Chapter or I do?

    Buy jewelry and t-shirts
    Start your own NETwork Against Malaria Chapter
    Have a jewelry drive
    Help NETwork Against Malaria make jewelry
    Shovel snow, water flowers, or rake leaves for donations
    Invite NETwork to talk at your school
    Use our Grade school curriculum to teach your class**
    Sell lemonade on your street corner
    Host a beading event
    Organize a bake sale
    Plan a benefit concert
    Collect Office Supplies- Paper, staplers, software, cds, DVDs, cameras, etc.
    Mail us your old cell phones to recycle
    Host a Battle of the Bands
    Set up a tournament
    Customize T-shirts for events in your community
    Have an art show and sell your beautiful work
    Collect Change at your school, church, or sports games
    Organize a competitive penny drive or donation collection
    Sell t-shirts and jewelry
    Design promotional materials
    Write for the newsletter
    Collect pledges for a 5k, marathon, or sports event (i.e. a nickle per basket/ three dollars per mile)
    Give presentations to class mates, churches, youth groups, etc.
    Think of your own ideas.  Fresh ideas are always welcome. Volunteering is more fun if you personalize it and do what you love.

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