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October 2008: Meet the Girls of St. Margaret Mary's

St. Margaret Mary's is a Girl's Secondary school in Bwikara Uganda.  It was started by our Ugandan advisor, Fr. Michael Christopher Mujule.  It has both resident and day students.

Thank you!

With your help, 350 nets were delivered to St. Margaret Mary Girls Secondary School in October, 2008.  This was enough nets to protect every student, teacher, and administrator in the school!  The 50 additional nets were taken to the Bwikara village in rural Uganda and given to families.



Fr. Michael Christopher Mujule said, “The girls of St. Margaret Mary School have pride now. The girls who live in the village and do not sleep at the school will bring the nets home and tell their parents….This has made a big difference in the village.”

NETwork Against Malaria is deeply grateful for your help.  But please do not stop! Our goal is to provide 400 nets to the Bwikara School in the bush summer, 2009. Thank you on behalf of St. Margaret Mary School, the Bwikara village, and NETwork Against Malaria!

But Don't Stop!

Help Further NETwork's impact as we continue providing life-saving bednets for children, pregnant women, and families in Uganda.  We need your support.
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