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NETwork Against Malaria needs help in protecting the children of Uganda from Malaria.  You can make a difference!

NETwork Against Malaria works with volunteers across the nation to education Americans about malaria and the life-saving benefits of bednets and raise funds to provide bednets for impoverished children, pregnant women, and families.

NETwork has no volunteers.  We are entirely volunteer run.  NETwork volunteers are appreciated team members and are essential to the functioning of our organization.

NETwork focuses on empowering individuals.  No volunteer is too young or too old.  It's never too late to start making a global impact.  Everyone has the capability to save lives of Ugandan children.

How Can I Get Involved?
Donate materials, funds, or time.  Start a chapter, find a chapter, organize a fundraiser or volunteer as an individual.  Involve your school, youth group, club, or organization.  

What Is a Chapter?
A chapter is a recognized NETwork Against Malaria group led by a contact person.  No chapter is too small or too large.  It can be you and three friends or you and three hundred classmates.  Some chapters work through schools, regions, churches, social clubs, universities, etc.

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