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About NETwork :

NETwork Against Malaria is a non-profit organization with 501 (c) (3) status.  93% of Uganda's total population is at risk for malaria and NETwork is dedicated to saving the impoverished children and pregnant women of Uganda from a preventable death.

How NETwork Started :


The idea of NETwork Against Malaria began when we met Fr. Mujule, a priest who has come to serve the Diocease of Belleville from the diocease of Hoima in Uganda. Fr. Mujule began 2 girls' schools and a co-ed secondary school. Educating "the girl-child" is not valued in Uganda ; his efforts were met with much resistance. Fr. Mujule is undoubtedly a national treasure of Uganda , and in spite of their poverty, they gave him up to come serve us.

Fr. Mujule represented a Ugandan view of Malaria as he discussed his frustration with the disease. In Uganda, Malaria hospitalizes one out of every 2 children under age 5, costs every Ugandan family about ¼ of their annual income, causes children to miss about 60 days of school every year, and claims the life of one Ugandan child every 5 minutes. Malaria propagates the problem of poverty in countless ways.

Fr. Mujule is not only frustrated by the drastic effects of the problem, he is also frustrated because it does not have to be this way. Malaria is preventable.

What NETwork Does :

He proposed a way we could assist. We are helping him with a solution. We are raising money to purchase ten dollar malaria nets.

The solution is very plausible. 10 dollars saves a life. We are working with Fr. Mujule and another priest currently in Uganda to raise money for the children at Fr. Mujule's schools and the communities they serve. The money is sent to the priest in Uganda, the nets are purchased and given to the girls in the schools who are trained to use the nets. In turn, the girls bring nets home to their families and teach them how to use the nets. NETwork Against Malaria stands out because of its great emphasis on education.

Fr. Mujule receives letters frequently from the students at his schools. One girl wrote to him, "You do not know me, but I know you…I see your picture every day…I want to thank you…." Small efforts like donating a malaria net impacts the lives of people very day. You may never come to know the person you impact, but rest assured, they "know" you.

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