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What Makes NETwork Different?



  • NETwork distributes bed nets through school, thus promoting education.
  • Students learn the importance and proper use of bed nets in their own language.  They see demonstrations of to set up bed nets.  They talk about the  impact of malaria.
  • Bed net distribution through schools, promotes education by incentivizing parents to utilize Uganda's free education system.
  • NETwork focuses on education in America.  We teach American Youth about the importance and proper use of bed nets.

Volunteer Led

  • NETwork is lead entirely by American and Ugandan volunteers. 
  • We have no employees so your donations go directly to the people of Uganda.
  • We have a deep appreciation for our volunteers.  Get Involved.


  • NETwork was founded by 5 sisters, at that time aged 12- 20.  
  • We empower youth about the impact they can have on their global community.
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