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Fundraising Ideas

Enrichment Lesson Plans

-  Donate

-  Buy jewelry and t-shirts

-  Start your own NETwork Against Malaria Chapter

-  Have a jewelry drive

-  Help NETwork Against Malaria make jewelry

-  Shovel snow, water flowers, or rake leaves for donations
-  Invite NETwork to talk at your school
-  Use our Grade school curriculum to teach your class**

-  Sell lemonade on your street corner
-  Host a beading event
-  Organize a bake sale
-  Plan a benefit concert
-  Collect Office Supplies- Paper, staplers, software, cds, DVDs, cameras, etc.
-  Mail us your old cell phones to recycle
-  Host a Battle of the Bands
-  Set up a tournament
-  Customize T-shirts for events in your community
-  Have an art show and sell your beautiful work
-  Collect Change at your school, church, or sports games
-  Organize a competitive penny drive or donation collection
-  Sell t-shirts and jewelry
-  Design promotional materials
-  Write for the newsletter
-  Collect pledges for a 5k, marathon, or sports event (i.e. a nickle per basket/ three dollars per mile)
-  Give presentations to class mates, churches, youth groups, etc.
-  Think of your own ideas.  Volunteering is more fun if you personalize it and do what you love.

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