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Get Involved: As A New Chapter, School, Youth Group, Club, etc.

Your students/group can enrich their education, faith, and interests in an interdisciplinary way.  It is more than the opportunity to fundraise.  NETwork wants to partner with you to promote awareness and education about malaria and to empower individuals as to the impact they can have on their global community.

Choose NETwork as a one day project, an enrichment  assignment, or a long-term project (i.e. Lenten or Advent Project).  Pick and Choose how you want to get involved then contact

Welcome A Speaker

NETwork Volunteers can come speak to your students about the impact they are having on their global community and to inspire them to take action.  NETwork’s message is different than other organizations because it was started by 5 sisters aged 12-21.

Collect Used and

Broken Jewelry

Your school/group can impact NETwork by just digging into their junk drawer.  NETwork jewelry is made with Ugandan beads accented by “filler” beads.  Filler beads are purchased with grant money or are donated used and broken jewelry.  By collecting filler beads from their homes, students can reduce the cost of jewelry thus furthering jewelry’s impact.

Make Jewelry

Learn From Our

Enrichment Lesson Plans

Making Jewelry is a great way for students to have an impact.  For every two bracelets or one necklace your students make, NETwork can sell it to purchase a bed net and protect the lives of three students.  NETwork jewelry is made using Ugandan beads which are handmade by Ugandan women.  Jewelry making shows students that time can be just as valuable a gift as money.



Help from any age group is appreciated.



Your students can learn about the Uganda martyrs, write Ugandan fables based on Ugandan proverbs, do malaria based word problems, learn about Ugandan wildlife and the anopheles mosquito, and much more!

Raise Funds

Penny Wars, Sports contests, “Dollar-for-Out-of-Uniform-Day”, Bake Sales, NETwork Against Malaria Jewelry Sales, NETwork Against Malaria T-Shirt Sales, and Donation collection are great ways to impact the people of Uganda.  For $10, students can protect children from malaria, combat poverty, and promote education.

Enter Our Art Contest

NETwork‘s  Annual Art Contest takes place each springspring. Participating is a great way to learn about malaria and the importance of bed nets.  For more information contact

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