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Continuing Efforts


As the health needs of Katulikire change, NETwork Against Malaria is committed to continue addressing the needs and listening to the people of the community to prioritize their greatest concerns.  Currently, we continue to raise funds for nets and are in the process of conducting a needs assessment. Community leaders are excited that we have distributed 45,000 nets and think the fight against malaria has had a profound impact on public health.  Excited by the momentum, they have expressed an interest in investing funds to improve Katulikire Health Center so we can have a more global impact on the community's health.



NETwork is a grassroots organization, with our mission directly informed by the leaders in Katulikire.  We are conducting a needs assessment.  When it is complete, we will share our findings with you.  Currently we are raising funds for nets and to improve Katulikire Health Center in an effort to expand the pediatric and women's health care available in the community.  We are excited for the upcoming changes and are humbled by all of your support while we determine the greatest way to make a positive impact on the Katulikire community. 



Thank you for your support!


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