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Donate: Thank You for Your Contribution

NETwork Against Malaria is a non-profit organization, recognized as exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Contributions to NETwork Against Malaria are tax deductible under Section 170 of the Code. 

You can write a check to:

NETwork Against Malaria

c/o Bank of Edwardsville

5720 West Main Street

Belleville, IL 62226


You can donate online using        Paypal          or        Global Giving.











*Online donation services take a small percentage of your donation as a fee. To ensure that your entire donation will reach the people of Uganda, please send a check to the above address.

Sponsor a child- $10

For only $10 you can give a life-saving bednet to an impoverished child at our next net distribution.  With your gift, you will receive a picture of the child whose life you saved.


Sponsor a family- $40

For $40 you can give enough nets to protect a Ugandan family at our next net distribution.  You will receive a picture of your family after the distribution


Sponsor a classroom- $300

For $300 you can donate nets for a grade school or high school class.  You will see the results of your work through pictures.










Sponsor a school- $2,000

For $2,000 you can sponsor a rural school.  Students will be protected from malaria, saving their lives and allowing them to attend school.   You will be given a picture of students. 










Sponsor a village- $7,000
With your gift of $7,000, a rural village can be protected from malaria.  This will give the community the opportunity to better their lives and lift themselves out of poverty.  You will receive a representative picture of those whose lives you impact.

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