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Malaria in Uganda

Malaria affects the people of Uganda…


  • Malaria is number one cause of sickness and death in Uganda.
  • 70,000-110,000 people die of malaria every year.
  • It has been calculated that a Ugandan person loses 23.4% of the years of their life to malaria.

Malaria affects the pregnant women of Uganda…


  • Pregnant women are four times more likely to suffer from malaria than when they are not pregnant.
  • 60% of miscarriages in Uganda are attributed to malaria.
  • Malaria is a significant cause of abortions and miscarriages.
  • Malaria often results in anaemia in the mother.

Malaria affects the children of Uganda…


  • In Uganda, malaria kills 350 children die every day.
  • Malaria is the main cause of infant mortality.
  • Malaria causes underweight and premature births.
  • One out of every two children is admitted to the hospital from malaria.
  • 8-25% of the children admitted to the hospital die.
  • 70% of child out patients die of malaria.
  • On average, the Ugandan child suffers from six malaria episodes every year.
  • Malaria often causes stunted growth, childhood anaemia, and mental retardation.

Malaria affects the economy of Uganda…


  • Malaria is the number one cause of poverty in Uganda.
  • Malaria impedes a person’s income when: they must attend to themselves and others, pay for prevention and treatment, transportation to and from clinics, and funeral and burial costs.
  • The poor can spend up to 25% of their income on malaria prevention and treatment.
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